Daughters of Darkness - Standard Edition Signed by Jeremy Saffer Dani Filth and Randy Blythe

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Extremely limited BATHORY edition book signed by Jeremy Saffer, Dani Filth, and Randy Blythe.

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Please note: actual book cover is not censored or cropped.

Daughters of Darkness is a photographic collection of women wearing only corpse paint. A tribute to Black Metal and Doom album and merchandise artwork, Daughters of Darkness features hundreds of models from all over the world, as well as celebrities, actresses, and musicians—some under the anonymity of corpse paint—most of whom are dedicated fans of Black Metal and who even designed and applied their own corpse paint. Photographed by internationally renowned music, celebrity, and fine-art portrait photographer Jeremy Saffer, this project visualizes the music that inspires it, embracing duality of the dark, grim, and evil, while also exploring the delicate and the beautiful. Daughters of Darkness collects over 250 full-color, full-page photos created over a decade specifically for this collection. As incredible women unleashing their inner Metal goddesses through powerful poses, they are strong, they are grim, they are beautiful, and they are evil. They are the Daughters of Darkness!

Introduction by Randy Blythe, Lamb of God
Foreword by Dani Filth, Cradle of Filth


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