Freaks, Creeps, and Killers - Nikki Warped

$ 50.00

Due to the background being black in this photo - the photo of the print is reflecting my ceiling - that is NOT in the actual print.

If you missed the Freaks, Creeps, and Killers gallery, now's your chance to get the prints that are left!

Freaks, Creeps, and Killers gallery prints are one of a kind, custom cut to 20x13.25 metallic art prints mounted on 1/8th mat board ready for framing.

Each print is one of a kind and there is only one available.

All prints were damaged to different degrees while hanging at the gallery which is reflected in the photos and prices of the prints as well as below

Most only have reflective damage (finger prints/light surface scratches) that can only be seen when a light is directly reflecting on the image and would not be seen when framed. Any visible damage is photographed.

all prints sold AS-IS

damage: minor finger prints

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