Music Photography group ticket dec 7th

$ 100.00

BOOKING PHOTO LESSONS: starting next week I will be blocking off some dates for photo lessons. I will be offering both group and private lessons and will focus on one specific subject i.e. basics, lighting, studio lighting, on location lighting, gear, business/marketing, networking, contracts, portrait photography, concert photography, editing, posing/composition, portfolio review/advice... anything i'm missing here? - let me know and ill add it!

Private Lessons/one on one lessons available depending on my schedule, please message me if interested.

First group lessons will be saturday dec 7th at my studio in chicopee there will be 2 different courses at different times. I will be announcing another set of lessons with different subjects later on.

the first will focus on studio lighting with 1-3 lights. this will cover lighting for multiple set ups/different backgrounds, paper vs cloth backgrounds, a full lighting demo and studio equipment demo, and more. (in studio only, its cold outside!) it will be $150 a person (limit of 10 people)


the second will focus on business, marketing, and networking. this will cover how to determine what to charge, making more money, price negotiation, marketing, social networks, networking, contracts, business ethics, selling products and prints, and more. It will be $150 a person (limit of 10 people)


(giving myself an hour leeway with both as i tend to go longer when teaching)

tickets to both will be discounted $50 off.


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