The Graven - 1

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Limited Edition Bundle (of 50) $40 (see details below)

Limited Edition $40

The Graven 1:


A Day To Remember: Fast Forward to 2017; A Monument to 10 years of For Those Who Have Heart.

- The story and an in depth look at the photo shoot for the ADTR album For Those Who Have Heart including the never before seen story line, original cover art, photos and outtakes from the photo shoot as well as the story leading up to and beyond the photo shoot.

Brian O'Halloran: We're Not Even Supposed To Be Here Today.

- The story, the photos, and behind the scenes of my recent photo shoot with the legendary Brian O'Halloran (Dante Hicks from the film Clerks) on the original set of the movie Clerks (Quick Stop).

Caroline Williams: Naked and Unafraid

Legendary scream queen Caroline Williams (star of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2) gets in front of my lens to do an all new shoot with Gage Munster and Greg Lightner of Face-Off on make up, Matt Falletta of SOTA FX producing, and Brooklyn Stephen (Hellraiser) on hair. We go in depth from before, during, and after the shoot and everything involved from make up to lighting, wardrobe, and lack there of as she does her first fine art nude shoot (the magazine includes no nudity) and includes an afterward from the legend herself.

Morgue: Into The Void

- Behind the scenes of the early 2017 photo shoot with Morgue, everything from setting up the shoot, to the lighting used, and every technical detail about the photo shoot.

Wednesday 13: The Condolences Session

- Behind the scenes of the Condolences photo shoot - from inception to execution, the first full band shoot Ive done with Wednesday 13 with the amazing Laney Chantal as the make up artist. In depth technical details of the lighting and what was used and why it was used to create the images you see on the posters, promotion, and inside the album Condolences.


Alissa White-Gluz: Beast-Meal

- Baked Seitan

Christine McCarron: Dark Beauty

- Silver Surrealism (how to properly and healthily dye your hair silver)

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein: Beast-Mode

- Consistency

Josh Eppard: Cinephiliac

- Movie reviews

Simone Simons: Smoonstyle

- Behind the lens

Wednesday 13: Horror Business

- A Tribute to Tobe Hooper


The Graven is available in two versions:

Limited Edition (first 50 come as a bundle at no extra cost!)

- Exclusive Graven grimoire cover wrap (regular cover underneath)

- 100 full color pages (20 extra pages of full page photos)

- BUNDLE EXCLUSIVE: 5 8x12 metallic art prints of photos from the issue (Wednesday 13, Caroline Williams, A Day To Remember, Morgue, Cover art)

- BUNDLE EXCLUSIVE: Hand Signed intro letter by creator Jeremy Saffer

- BUNDLE EXCLUSIVE: Hand numbered and signed by creator Jeremy Saffer

Regular Edition

- 80 full color pages

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