XX 2010 - Danny 8x12 Pearl Print

$ 50.00

A photo from a shoot I did with Danny in 2010, printed on incredible pearl paper 8x12

Rock and Shock was always the best weekend of the year for me, every year, and I do hope it comes back one day. I was doing all the celebrity portraiture for the event, and while doing the shoot with Danny I wanted to get a couple extra shots. I brought the light from above and he said "wait, ill make this shoot better" and he took off his shirt, giving that iconic Trejo look. This to me is such a bad ass portrait of a bad ass person who's life story is as impressive and inspiring as the man himself. We have worked together a few times since and he is always eager to push shoots to the next level and give the camera his all, which is everything you could hope for in anyone in front of your lens.

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