XX 2012 - Mitch Lucker 8x12 Pearl Print

$ 50.00

From an impromptu shoot with Mitch at the Palladium in 2012, printed on incredible pearl paper 8x12

Mitch was an incredible friend who I got to create with time and time again. Anytime we were in the same place at the same time a photo shoot was happening be it with the band, solo, with Parker, and this shoot was an interesting one. He hit me up asking if I was making it to the show. I told him im waiting on a lens to be delivered and couldnt make it as I had to sign for it. The lens arrived early (an 85 F/1.2) I let him know and he said, GOOD! now get here! PHOTO SHOOOOOOOT! So I went up to the Palladium and up to the dressing room where we shot for a couple of hours just testing out the lens and doing some other things with lighting. The majority of the shots was testing the 1.2 on it which is beautiful, I shot this at a 30th knowing I do have steady hands and we only had consistent lighting from the dressing room walls, but honestly its the light that is Mitch that projects here. This ended up being my favorite shoot with Mitch. We did something like 20+ shoots over the years, and to me, this one stands out for a few reasons. First the photos of course, some of my favorites of all time. Second when I got there, he was going through some stuff, I was going through some stuff, we just sat and talked and hugged it out. He was one of those dudes who was always there for his friends, and would always jump at any opportunity to help out when he could, if he could. He was a rare gem on stage and off stage, his presence, personality, and light is so deeply missed by so many.

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