XX 2014 - Doyle 8x12 Pearl Print

$ 50.00

From a shoot with Doyle at my studio in 2014, printed on incredible pearl paper 8x12

Doyle is just such an icon, its impossible to take a bad photo of him and anything you photograph of him just adds to his massive visual legacy. Between solo shoots, shoots with Alex, and of course with Alissa, we were doing so many photo shoots around this time. This one sticks out as my favorite solo shot of him (I do have other favorites of him with Alissa etc). This shot of him looking down, looking mean, lighting coming from above, giving the horror feel with the lighting and look just seemed so perfect. Its such a unique gift to get to create with one of the most visually iconic legends of music, something I am so grateful for. The monster man is the best you could ever hope for to have in front of your camera.

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