XX 2016 - Abbath 8x12 Pearl Print

$ 50.00

Abbath photographed in Boston 2016 printed on incredible pearl paper 8x12

For 13 years Abbath sat upon the top of my bucket list of people I wanted to do a photo session with, though I had photographed Immortal live and even been on the same tours as them, I never had the opportunity. when Immortal broke up, I thought my chances had been shattered. Alas, Abbath came back with his eponymous band and again the legendary black metal king was within the reach of my lights and lens again. In 2016 I would get my chance to finally do a portrait shoot with my favorite black metal musician of all time. It was great working with someone who goes BEYOND above and beyond when in front of a camera, from serious shots to fun shots to straight up goofy Abbath, you get the range and gamut of what Abbath can do in rapid succession and its incredible to witness and to be able to capture as a photographer. This shot with his lip turned up looking dead at the camera... as soon as I took it i knew this was the shot. It remains one of my favorite photos Ive ever taken in my entire career.

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