XX 2017 - Wednesday 13 8x12 Pearl Print

$ 50.00

Wednesday 13 photographed in Los Angeles in 2017 printed on incredible pearl paper 8x12

Around 2017 I was working with Wednesday a lot, doing a few shoots a year. This one was a big one for Condolences. We did band shots, solo shots, and really got the vibe of this era locked in. We always do different characters and knock out a bunch of amazing photos and different looks. For this one we werent doing as much variety with costumes as we were with lighting. This was one of my favorite shots of him looking straight on with the campfire story lighting and whited out eyes, it just embodies everything Wednesday 13 to me. One of the most insane things in this line of work is having your work inside an album you really like, there is no question I think condolences is his best album, he went darker, heavier, and its just... one of my favorite albums and the fact that my work and my name is in it alongside the amazing music and perfect production... its such an honor to be a part of what is surely to be one of the best albums of the era.

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