XX 2020 - Dave Mustaine 8x12 Pearl Print

$ 50.00

Dave Mustaine photographed in Nashville March 2020 printed on incredible pearl paper 8x12

I started hearing rumblings of a deadly flu like thing going around, though I had no idea how serious it would become just days after this photo shoot. I had flown home from Los Angeles a few days prior to this, and went right back out to TN to do this shoot with Dave who had just overcome cancer. I have worked with Dave many times over the years so it was great to have Metal Hammer hire me on for this one. We wanted a more personable less golden god/rockstar kind of shoot, but with Dave you get everything, hes such a legend in front of the camera as he is with everything he does. As soon as that camera comes up you get smirks, smiles, serious faces, angry faces, you get a lot of different looks rapid fire. Knowing what hes been though, where he is now, how he had been feeling, getting this shot of him looking so stoic has that perfect balance of seriousness while still having that iconic rock star in there. Showing such a human side to such a golden god. Dave is one of the best people to get to work with, always super kind and easy to knock out some of the best shots you could hope for. Three days after this shoot, the lockdowns began. I was so lucky to get this one last shoot in with such an icon before the world shut down for a long time and photo shoots like this became an impossibility for well over a year.

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