XX 2021 - Lena Scissorhands 8x12 Pearl Print

$ 50.00

Lena photographed at my studio in 2021 printed on incredible pearl paper 8x12

Lena was one of the first shoots I got to do with what I consider my new way of photographing. Being that it was later on in 2021, I had just been through the shutdowns in which I completely changed my gear, how I shoot, and how I approach photography. Having such an incredible person like Lena to put all of this new gear, new ways of photographing to the test was immeasurably helpful. She came out to the studio and stayed for a few days of creating, and we just got to do so many different looks and styles, different lighting, and by far my favorite set is the fire set we did, this being my favorite as the make up, the hair, the wardrobe, and the lighting are all working together to really make this shot so awesome.

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